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From: Ron Scholes
Subject: "Family Affair, Part five"A Family Affair", part V.In the tent, Nick and Phil now laid naked, embracing each other, Father
and Son, and now lovers. Nick's mustache brushed his Son's upper lip.
Oh, God, Nick was happy, and pulled Phil close again.Phil said, "Dad, I've wanted this to happen for so many years,""To have my Dad, and Grandpa too. You don't know how much I love both
of you"."And seeing both of you in Uniforms makes my cock get hard, I can't
help it, it just does. My cock leaks pre-cum, and it soakes the crotch of
my Levi's . When you come home in your uniform after work, your smell
makes me want to strip you naked, to get my tongue under your foreskin,
to suck your cock and get the pleasure of pleasuring you again"Then they kissed, Dad's welcoming lips pressed to Phil's, their hands
exploring each other's bodies, finding genitals, balls and cocks, each
rampant, hard and firm, foreskins leaking pre-cum,Hands sliding penis skin as they kissed, until they both came again,
shooting semen into their foreskins.Then Bill and Jason came back to the tent again. Bill took Nick into his
arms and Camp Whitewater became a Den of Sin, as the Family of Men loved
each other, Nick and Bill, each taking each other, sucking cocks of Dad
and Son, each finding pleasure in the incest.And Jason and Phil were much the same, finding they lusted for each
other. The two brothers began to love , while Bill and Nick, in 69,
sucked cock, licked foreskin, swallowed sperm, Phil and Jason found they
loved each other, and from then on they would never part.But for their Cop Dads, they made exceptions. Nick, with his Uniform on,
would always be in first place. His crotch bulged in his Uniform pants,
His cock which could be preteen lolitas nude breast
seen at a glance to us, his sons, a favorite
fantasy. Gold Badge gleaming on his chest, Oh how we ls models nude loli lusted for our Cop,
his tight uniform pants showing his penis, uncut, foreskin obvious.And Jason and Phil became a lover's dream, brothers now united, Phil 18,
Jason, 16, and a Dad to love, and make love to, and Dad's Dad, too, Two
Cops, Two lovers, Two brothers, too.
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